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Match Preview: Albuquerque FC v San Diego WFC SeaLions, WPSL PacSouth Conf. Finals

By Chris Walker | July 5, 2019 |

On Saturday, July 6, Albuquerque FC will make another entry into its team’s inaugural season history as they step foot onto the pitch to face San Diego WFC SeaLions at Manchester Stadium in San Diego, California at 3:00 pm PT. The two clubs will be playing for the PacSouth Conference Championship. Albuquerque FC is the first of three Albuquerque-based WPSL teams (Albuquerque Crush, Albuquerque Lady Asylum) to qualify for the playoffs. Albuquerque FC (6-1-1, 19 points) finishes the 2019 regular season as the Desert Division Champion. SeaLions (7-1-0, 21 points) finish the 2019 regular season as the San Diego Division Champion. There is no live stream available for this match.

Recently, it was decided by the WPSL that the postponed match between Albuquerque FC and Las Vegas Players SC would be reported as 0-0 with the standing’s points being calculated by the average per game points each respective team received for the regular season (WPSL Handbook 2.08 Cancellations). Albuquerque FC averaged 2.5 points per game so they were awarded 3 standings points. Albuquerque FC and FC Tucson finished in a tie with 19 points in the standings. Since Albuquerque FC outscored FC Tucson 4-2 in their head-to-head series, Albuquerque FC wins the tiebreaker. Therefore, Albuquerque FC advances to the WPSL Playoffs.


Razing Arizona: Albuquerque FC Wins Desert Division

Two weeks ago, Albuquerque FC closed out the 2019 regular season with victories against Phoenix Del Sol and FC Arizona.

Albuquerque FC 5, Phoenix Del Sol 1: Leilani Baker’s Hat Trick (44’, 53’, 55’) powered Albuquerque FC’s momentum through the match. Claire Lynch had 2 assists on the day, both attributed to Baker goals.

The sequence of Baker’s Hat Trick: Baker followed up on a deflected shot to earn her first goal (44’ Assist by Claire Lynch). Baker’s other two goals came from 1v1 opportunities up the right wing as she took left-footed shots towards the far post (53’ Assist by Emily Cubbage, 55’ Assist by Claire Lynch).

Also, in the scoreline: Brianna Martinez (ABQFC 35’), Zoe Peterson (Del Sol 48’), Corey Kizer (ABQFC 58’)

Head Coach Pancho Macias had stated earlier in the season that Baker is a threat as the right midfielder and her ability to go 1v1 with opponents was one of the best parts to her game. He believed that if she had confidence in her skills that she would put goals in the back of the net. Macias was right as Baker had her best match of the season.

Arianna Barreras made her debut in this match. Barreras is an incoming freshman at Cleveland High School.

Albuquerque FC 4, FC Arizona 1: Corey Kizer’s Brace (38’, 66’) led to a strong finish on the season for Albuquerque FC. It gave Kizer 3 goals through the weekend. Calista Cordero is credited with the assist on Kizer’s first goal. Kizer’s second goal was scored in the same manner as the first with the assist being credited to Amelia Bierle.

On Kizer’s Brace: “The goals came back-to-back because we knew we needed to score to stay ahead,” Kizer stated. “We connected passes in order to move up the field and finished our opportunities. I scored my goal due to the successful passes through the middle to Alex (Alejandra), which she then dribbled to the end line and crossed the ball in the front of the goal and I touched it in with my left foot.” 

Also, in the scoreline: Claire Lynch (ABQFC 33’), Adrianna Perez (FCAZ 32’), Emily Cubbage (ABQFC 69’)

San Diego Surf Win Score Line, San Diego WFC SeaLions Win San Diego Division

San Diego Surf 5, San Diego WFC SeaLions 3: San Diego Surf’s Amber Tripp achieved a Hat Trick (39’, 65’, 88’) and Jillienne Aguilera got a brace (6’, 86’) in the Surf victory. SeaLions goals were scored by Andrea Duke (52’) and Rosie Colon, who got a brace (78’, 91’). Prior to this match, SeaLions were on a seven-match win streak averaging 3 goals per match.

San Diego WFC SeaLions is one of the original 6 WPSL teams. SeaLions have won two WPSL championships, with the most recent championship being won in the 2013 season. SeaLions are coached by Jen Lalor-Nielsen, who is a former USWNT member and WUSA pro as well.


Brianna Martinez (Univ. of Notre Dame), Kat Robinson (Pitt) are making the trip to San Diego for the WPSL Playoffs. This is great news for Albuquerque FC as both ladies were off to college preparing for their upcoming collegiate season. Martinez, U-20 USWNT member, has the ability to break lines and take the match on her shoulders. Robinson has 20 saves on the season along with a 0.71 Goals Against Average. Maly was not on the active roster for the team’s final homestand. Maly is one of the team’s leading goal scorers.


  • Albuquerque FC won its first Desert Division Title for regular season 2019 (6-1-1, 19 points)
  • Albuquerque FC scored 25 goals, allowed 6 in the regular season
  • Albuquerque FC Goal Leaders are Corey Kizer (5), Gwen Maly and Leilani Baker (4)
  • Albuquerque FC Assist Leaders are Claire Lynch (4), Corey Kizer and Alejandra Jurado (1)
  • Albuquerque FC Save Leaders are Kat Robinson (20), Mia Montano (9)
  • San Diego WFC SeaLions won San Diego Division Title for regular season 2019 (7-1-0, 21 points)
  • San Diego WFC SeaLions scored 23 goals, allowed 8 in the regular season
  • San Diego WFC SeaLions Goal Leaders are Kiera Bocchino (6), Cori Deason (4), Rosie Colon (3)
  • San Diego WFC SeaLions Assist Leaders are Kiera Bocchino (4), Elise Britt (3), Ellissya Andino (3)
  • San Diego WFC SeaLions Save Leaders are Maria Andreyev (22), Caitlin Hendrick’s (6), Sophia Garrido (5)

Photo Credit: Lexi Boese

Chris Walker is a writer for Seek & Strike Collective covering NM United, Albuquerque Sol FC, and Albuquerque FC. Follow him on Twitter and join in on the conversation. @_ChrisWalker505

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