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Episode 17: “Fix Your Divot” is Now Up!


EP 17: Fix Your Divot

Our weekly show w/ analysis on New Mexico United, other soccer-related news, and we answer listener questions live.

🌌 United’s Draw w/ Galaxy II

🏟 Pre: San Antonio FC (6-2-5 at home)

🦁 Premier League / Fantasy PL Chat

📱 Full Time Fan Q & A

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One thought on “Episode 17: “Fix Your Divot” is Now Up! Leave a comment

  1. hey nice show as always!
    I have a couple things to say, RE: “the chant” conversation. One, the subject was introduced by talking about the shirts and scarfs DM and the curse put together followed by a complaint about the chant; the association of the Curse with the chant is… well absurd and thanks Chris for clarifying that. And Two, we noticed that people who doesn’t like the chant satay quiet so the P* chant is more noticeable. On our section 122, when the opposing keeper is preparing to take the kick, we start to chant the ‘o somos unidos’ super super loud so our kids and others don’t have to listen the disgraceful chant, and it works! I also noticed that people who may want to be part of the bad chant look at us and realize what we are doing and they keep from yelling and that, is great to see. Somos Unidos!


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