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Seek and Strike’s 2020 New Mexico United Hot Takes

By: The Collective (Chris, Adrii, Alicia, Josh)

Photo: Adam Nish

The team here at Seek and Strike thought we’d have a little fun ahead of the season opener. This is the first of our entries in our new Hyrdation Break section. Expect fun commentaries both written and in audio this season.

Each of us has chosen one or two “Hot Takes” for New Mexico United’s season. These hot takes have to do with player performance or team results. These are meant to be fun, and maybe a bit ridiculous. In other words, they might come true, they might not. Either way, they are fun scenarios to think about, so away we go! (we may add extras as the time goes)

Josh: The term “Bruce Brace” becomes part of our lexicon this season.

We’ve wondered for awhile now who will pick up the scoring torch left by the departure of United’s top two goal scorers from last season. Several of the new signings have given us glimpses of what they could become throughout this pre-season, but I’m going to throw a dark horse candidate into the mix with fan-favorite Daniel Bruce. Last season, any time Bruce was able to get on to the pitch, he immediately made things happen with his speed and his hustle. Even despite winning over the fans and impacting matches, Brucey was held to only two goals last season, most notably his 89’ banger to earn the win in Sacramento. I predict that this season, even if used in a substitute role, that he will contribute in scoring more frequently. I’ll go a step further in predicting that he will score more than one goal in a match more than once this season, and the term “Bruce Brace” will be widely used among fans on those occasions.

Alicia: The literal rise of AMANDOlorian this season.

My bold prediction for this season would be AMANDOlorian. This was mentioned in the facebook group, but I thought of this when he was first signed. Watching the Mandolorian and incorporating it with his name made sense. A mandalorian is a bounty hunter and he is a bounty hunter for goals and “ending” the other team. With baby yoda (the child) on his back (soccer ball) he will do anything to get it done. I predict a tifo for this, I would do it but sadly my art skills are trash. I am calling upon 

Adrii: Sammy Sergi will lead the team in scoring this season.

“Samson was his birth given name… 

“A man of tremendous strength!

“Sammy Sergi” immediately reminded me of a historical name and the meaning behind it made total sense, after this fresh out of college player showed his skills and abilities to earn some minutes and scoring 3 goals in 4 matches with the club during preseason. And that was just the beginning! From 2015 through 2019, he made 67 appearances, scored 29 goals and 5 assists for Xavier University. With these stats, I predict Sammy will be the top scorer this season. He will continue to set the bar high for exciting players and will score every match. 

Chris: Chris Weezy Gets Beezy

Last season, Chris Wehan had a career high 10 goals with just 6 assists as the final whistle blew of the 2019 season. Not quite his rookie season where he led a category and became the assist title holder with12 assists.. Prior to this season, his career high was 8 goals. My prediction may seem out there, but I think we can will it into existence. I see Wehan with 15 goals, 15 assists, and 1 Hat Trick on the season. Who will contribute to his goals? Primarily Devon Sandoval and Sammy Sergi. 

Josh: New Mexico United beats an MLS Team again this season

Last year in the Open Cup run, United had a chance to go against three Major League Soccer teams, and even beat two of those teams before falling to Minnesota United FC in the quarterfinals. This season, New Mexico United has the chance to play lower division side Greenville Triumph in their second round game. If they can get past Greenville (who is a solid team, make no mistake), then the lowest 11 MLS clubs will enter the tournament in the third round. We won’t know yet who the third round opponent will be, but I like United’s chances.

Chris: New Mexico wears Meow Wolf Edition away kits in Open Cup play. 

New Mexico United is already on the road and dry cleaning isn’t an option. Troy says break out your second yellow kit and bam, it was all a plan from the beginning to have two away kits. Sales on the Kraneshares pick up!

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