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Breaking Down New Mexico United’s 2021 Schedule

New Mexico United released regular season schedule for 2021 at 12:00 noon today. It’s filled with home and away matches, which is the first time since its inaugural year that the club has home matches in New Mexico.

United will play 24 matches in the Mountain Division and 8 non-Mountain Division opponents.

Graphic Courtesy of New Mexico United

New Mexico United’s 2021 Regular Season Schedule Breakdown

Breakdown by Days:
15 Saturdays, 4 Sundays, 1 Monday, 7 Wednesdays, 5 Fridays

Breakdown by Home/Away (w/ Teams):
• 9 Sat (AUS 2, LDN, ELP 2, COS, SLC 2, RGV)
• 1 Mon (CHS)
• 5 Wed (SA 2, OAK, RGV, HFD,
• 1 Fri (COS)

• 6 Sat (RGV 2, ELP 2, SA, PHX)
• 4 Sun (TAC, AUS, LOU, SD)
• 2 Wed (SLC, SA)
• 4 Fri (COS 2, SLC, AUS)

Breakdown of Mountain Division Scheduled Matches by Count of Home & Away
12 Home
12 Away

Breakdown of Non-Mountain Division Scheduled Matches:
5/29 – Loudoun United (H)
7/12 – Charleston Battery (H)
8/1 – Tacoma Defiance (A)
8/18 – Oakland Roots (H)
8/28 – Phoenix Rising (A)
10/3 – Lou City (A)
10/6 – Hartford Athletic (H)
10/17 – San Diego Loyal (A)

We’ll be talking about the schedule on this week’s podcast as we determine our travel schedules, give way too early predictions, and rate of all of our opponents. The takes will be hot, but what’s new. Stay tuned.

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